Monday, 28 May 2007

Gullibometer May 2007

A couple of months in and there just seems to be more to learn. I've joined in a few sites such as Fuelmyblog and Blogging to Fame, plus MyBlogLog and a few others such as Squidoo

Its amazing the people you meet and I've had some interesting comment exchanges with Moondanzer, Rednose, DavidBB, Thomas Hamburger, McArthurs Rant.

Just introduced my partners father to Blogging - D.I.Y. Supremo so I guess he'll be hitting Amazon Associates hard with tools and materials recommendations lol.

Getting really addicted to Google Analytics and Feedburner - a new flag on feedburner is real event for me!! (don't mention the anorak!) Minor depression when visitor numbers drop tho' :( Still it's all part of the fun.

Had no takers on the question 'what is marketing?' yet - intriguing 'cos of all the SEO's and marketing types out there, however any view from in or outside the 'profession' would be cool. Contributors will be credited , naturally.

Next months goal to increase visits by 100%. How? - no idea! need to be better at time management too as blogging is consuming research and write up time too.

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