Thursday 20 September 2012

How Do You Know If A Service Is Any Good Before You Buy It?

One the most frequent situations where we are prone to gullibility is the purchase of services.

This happens in business all the time especially when making business investments such as office refurbishment. Like many business investments it's hard tell exactly what the real value will to the company until it has been completed.

We are always asked to believe the proposals and ideas of the people who want to sell us things, and unless we are experts in the field we are always vulnerable to being lead by the nose. That's why people who want to avoid gullibility must demand evidence that ensures they are not going to look stupid.

I found a good example of how to re-assure potential customers about what a service is likely to be like on the NJR Coolspace website. NJR Coolspace are a specialist office refurbishment company based in the West Midlands in the UK. They have gone to alot of trouble to get across to customers just what working with them is like. So if you are considering Office Refurbishment in the West Midlands or further afield you might check their web site to see what you think.

Two ways they do is through office refurbishment case studies and also through a office space and refurbishment testimonial. Both of these relationship marketing techniques are ways that businesses use to prevent a business relationship breaking down because one company has taken advantage of another.

Trust can only be built on evidence, so take a leaf from the business relationship book and make sure you have evidence of future intentions freely provided.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

The Gullibility Factor

The Gullibility Factor
I sometimes wonder if I am gullible. The questions how do you ever know in advance. Only experience can determine your gullibility.

Being aware of your gullibility is positive because it is a sign of learning.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Sunday 16 October 2011

Andrew Werritty To Be Probed By Fraud Squad

Well there is no smoke without fire I say. So no wonder that Andrew Werritty is likely to be probed by the fraud squad.

It is often the case that deception relies on a lack of forth-rightness and a deliberate generality of explanation. This is because people who deceive others instinctively know that ambiguity is a trump card.

Provide general information without further substantiation and allow your audience to fill in the gaps. Let others conclude what is meant by the phrase 'advisor to' etc. People who operate in this fashion are invariably self-serving. They also become addicted to their 'theory for social success'. Which relies on being 'economical' if not downright spartan with the facts. This strategy frequently works because most of us are quite gullible.

It will be interesting to see if Andrew Werritty's pride comes before a fall. His over confidence has already destroyed the career of a cabinet minister. One clue is for sure, anyone who sets up a charity to facilitate their personal finances rather than to support the needs of other people has to attract serious scrutiny. Actions betray the concepts upon which they are based.

Monday 10 October 2011

Thought I'd share the news that my lens How To Become An Executioner just collected a Purple Star. I'm smiling from ear to ear!

Sunday 9 October 2011

Footage Of Fox Back Scratching

When it comes to political back scratching there is a fine line to be trodden. Whilst Liam Fox might be comfortable with any investigation into his dealings with Adam Werritty it sort of misses the point doesn't it?

Regardless of the extent and sensitivity of information and situations that Adam Werritty was exposed to, the fact that he was involved in governmental affairs at all begs questions regardless. Aren't we talking about a senior minister's lack of judgement here? The concern is not whether allowing unofficial access to government departments was a good or bad idea. That's a no brainer. It's a bad idea. It seems to me that a gross failure of judgement has occurred because Liam Fox seemed incapable of  forecasting that his friend was a bit of a loose cannon more self interested than public interested. This means we have a senior government minister in charge of the security of British people who makes poor judgments. Not good.

Andrew Werritty's referal to himself as an 'advisor' on his business card is symptomatic of an underlying attitude and mode of behaviour. Liam Fox should have known his close friend well enough to recognize these traits. If Adam Werritty is capable of being vague about his remit on his business card then he probably has the habit of being vague about his intentions generally. People are vague for typically two reasons. They either lack knowledge and clarity of thinking or secondly they are being deceptive and evasive and have something to hide.

If Liam Fox has encouraged the access of Adam Werritty into the British defence establishment, then if we have case one - lack of knowledge and clarity of thinking, what on earth would someone who is inept doing there? or if it is case two, what are the true reasons for his access. In the world of gullibility hustlers provide vague explanations. They do this hoping that people will not critically probe past the facade.

Liam Fox is now promoting a face of being honest and transparent. Which is no doubt true. The problem is there is usually a depth behind the face, and that depth seems to have been lacking in this case.

Footage Adds Pressure To Fox