Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Google Claims Virus Control Role

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Looks like Larry Page is using one of the oldest tricks in the social influence book to disuade authorities from limiting the time data can be held by the mega-corp Google.

Fear sells. The implied threat is that if Google can't do it's job then we're all gonna die!!

Really? is that true? Oh go on then we believe you. We must allow Google to store as much data about our computer useage as possible because its clear there is a direct correlation between amount of data held and our susceptibility to pandemic biological viruses.

Not only is Google a 'Search' engine it is now a 'Stop' engine too. Wow! Search and Stop!? Now doesn't that remind of your friendly neighbourhood Police State? The wonder of computer mediated technology. Let's be honest Larry more people knew what was and is happening wih Swine Flu' via standard health monitoring, TV, newspapers and Twitter than Google.

Not only that surely batches of 6 monthly data will reveal a trend without having to keep the data stored? The cumulative data to that point can be saved in Excel can't it? or is that just 'Sooooo 20th century'?

Mind you if Larry is concerned about reputation management then maybe that explains alot. Larry wants us to believe that Google has an important role to play in the health of the world. Maybe then, Larry Page's claims shouldn't be sneezed at. Apparently sneezing was considered something of a social skill in the 17th century! People who considered themselves opinion leaders and belonging to the higher classes practised 'sneezing on demand' to show dissaproval of an idea. Being able to sneeze showed an ability to afford 'snuff' which only rich and clever people could do, of course.

According to Larry Page (is this where the idea of Page Rank came from by any chance??) Google's "up-to-date influenza estimates may enable public health officials and health professionals to better respond to seasonal epidemics and pandemics." and the less data companies like Googe were able to hold the "more likely we all are to die".


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