Monday, 28 February 2011

Gary Hart Rationalises The Selby Rail Crash

Gary Hart who fell asleep at the wheel loosing control of his vehicle which then left the road and hit a train killing ten people displays that classic aspect of humans. The rationalistion.

He does not accept the part he played in the problem, preferring to to manage his cognitive dissonance by claiming "I believe in fate and I was meant to be there that morning."

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Justice Minister Goads Middle Class

It seems rather perverse that someone with the title Justice Minister should be telling a huge section of the voting public that they are to get prepared for suffering caused by a very tiny number of the voting public. Kenneth Clarke is reported on the BBC as believing the Middle Class are clueless. "I don't think Middle England has quite taken on board the scale of the problem."

Do us all a favour Ken. Of course we do! We paid the collosall sums out of our tax pockets to keep the banks afloat. We also know that bankers are laughing and whilst the very people that bankrolled them suffer they guzzle huge bonuses for simply messing about on spreadsheets and computers all day.

The Egyptian people have provided a clear path to peaceful regime change and this could well set a precedent. How dare Kenneth Clarke patronise the hard working people of this country by insinuating that they are somehow childishly ignorant of the mess the bankers have created for our country.

Kenneth Clarkes comments are unjust.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Salute The People Of Egypt

The people of Egypt have moved the world and won the admiration and respect of people everywhere. Their resolve, their dignity and their bravery are to be much admired. I wish your country and countrymen peace and prosperity.