Sunday, 30 August 2009

Andy Roddick's Twitter Gullibility

I think Andy is being gullible if he believes that everyone in the lucrative game of international tennis are as social media savvy as he is.

Rules are introduced to set boundaries. Its the people at the edges of understanding or of moral rectitude that need to have them defined.

He also underestimates the impact of inadvertent Twttering on Personal Brand and Brand Equity in particular. Just one thoughtless tweet and a Tennis player's reputation and the commercial brand they represent could be tarnished and that would end the earning power of the player.

Just look at what's happened to Kerry Katona. OK she wasn't tweeting but her income was directly linked to her alleged behaviour.

The risks are considerable and they need regulating.

What if, someone found an unattended multi media phone or laptop and started twittering on his behalf? what if he had a bad day a fired off a twitter he later regretted, what if he was in 'party mood' and twittered something inapproriated?

The problem is not with communicating but with the speed and reach of social media. Say something controversial and it doesn't 'stay in the room'

My son has just been on a stag weekend. The rule was 'what happens on tour stays on tour'. That was until one of the group decided to reveal all (sic) on Facebook! Mud sticks and the face to face human impacts of his cyber slips of the tongue (true or false) were huge.

Andy the regulations are not lame they are astute.

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