Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Climb Evr'y Montaigne

Does Michel Eyquem, Seigneur de Montaigne (1533-1592)have a claim to be the Grand Father of Blogging?I learned about him for the first time listening to the BBC radio morning programme Start The Week He was a contemporary of Shakespeare who lived in France and travelled widely. It is claimed he invented the writing form we call The Essay. Montaigne has come to my attention some two years plus into my blogging expedition, and he has become a source of inspiration, even though I am yet to read his work.

His writings are ponderings, they are might be's and might nots. They aren't the stuff of a 50 ways to....blah blah, or how to re-design your blog template and integrate the latest social networking application across all your other applications. Neither is he about 'monetisation'. He is about committing his thought to 'paper' and engaging in a journey of thought inspired by journeys in the real world.

Looking back at my very first post it is far more (humbly) in the style of Montaigne than the Pro Bloggers than dominate the blogosphere in their marketing and tech-geek niches.

So...for a while back to my roots. Monataigne I play with my cat or does my cat play with me...I like that sort of pondering.

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