Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ali al-Megrahi Astonishingly Released On Faith Not Fact

Just how gullible have the Scottish Government have been in their decision making over the Pan Am 103 murderer al-Megrahi's release now seems clear. For some quaint Scottish reason they choose to forgo the full rigor of 21st century scientific medical advice and release al-Megrahi in good faith!

These people want to be in sole charge of the affairs of Scotland. What a disturbing prospect that must for anyone living in Scotland. With judgements like that they'll soon be burning witches in North Berwick and Dornoch again! So they claim it was a reasonable medical estimate. It wouldn't have been long to wait and fly him back home 24 hours before he was due to 'pop his clogs'. They could have even used and unmanned plane and blown it up over the Atlantic to give him a taste of his own medicine.

I presume he will be entering the Guiness Book of records for defying medical science? It should not be forgotten what this man actually did. Interestingly the BBC have recently written about a study that says that the Scots consume 25% more alcohol than the british average. Perhaps scientists could identify is there is a correlation between this study and the quality of Scottish government decision making?

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