Monday, 18 April 2011

Using Zazzle To Raise Money For Local Communities

I've been dabbling with the Zazzle print on demand online store for some time now. There is certainly potential to earn money using this print on demand site because I had a steady trickle of sales despite being a relative newbie, and I'm confident that with clear product design strategy and online marketing strategy that my store could really fly. Whilst my store is quite general I'm looking to set up more specific niche stores in future.

Recently I came across a great niche idea for using the Zazzle online store to generate additional money for local projects. The Upper Saxondale village site makes use of Zazzle to create a range of gifts, greetings cards and merchandise all featuring landscapes of the village and its surroundings.

The generic nature of the landscape photographs has been used to make several xmas greetings cards, which of course can be furthered personalised using the Zazzle customisation options. This seems a really interesting way to make use of print on demand gifts to promote fund raising projects for an english village set in the attractive setting of rural England. Here's is a explanation of what was done with the Upper Saxondale Zazzle online store as a short introduction to the idea.

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