Sunday, 15 April 2007

Education - Does it only come with Age?

So, as we realised in post 1, despite 'life' experience we can still be duped and gulled, and you'd think that the ideal 'trajectory' here would be that more times we'd been around the sun the less 'gullings' we'd have. Well a few of thoughts on that notion:

Firstly the older we get (unless we devote some time and energy to continual learning) there is a tendency to 'stick to with what we know' therefore we become less adapatable. This in turn means we can be 'blind sided' by the unfamiliar.

Secondly, maybe we do have less frequent 'gullibility episodes' as we go through life, and maybe its the 'qualitative' nature of them that changes. Our suggestion here is that 'the older you get when your 'gulled' you really are 'gulled'. So, when we were younger in our first job we might have been sent by the guys in the factory to 'go the storeroom and ask the manager for a long 'weight' - and we ended up having the young 'gullees' long wait. However as a more mature business man we might end up losing thousands of pounds/dollars/euros/yen etc in a spurious business deal, school friends may have tricked us, spouses have affairs.

Thirdly, maybe we all at the affect of a life long 'meta-gull' - WOAHHHHHH now that's scary. Richard Dawkins certainly comes from that perspective, Ken Wilber and religious leaders would argue differently. What I'm refering is a little more 'mundane' and its to do with Education.

Fourthly 'gullibility' could be an 'archetype' (C.Jung, R.Tranas, Plato et al) a constant fundamental form that is a necessary part of the human condition and somehow a necessary aspect of its development. WOAHHHHHHH 2 the movie.

Hands up (lol) all of you who think you've had a great education? OK you at the back, sorry I don't know your name. .. Now that's interesting, you've only just started to become aware of ideas, notions, subjects that if only you'd been tol d about them at high school things would have been alot different....Can you share with us some examples?...

Sorry, before you give us the list can I just pick up on that point you made about high school subjects... I agree, the curriculum must have come from someone and that it must be a refelection of their 'theory for educational success' So, if THEIR mental map of 'whats hot and whats not' is improverished, then guess what - GIGO (garbage in and garbage out)

Therefore if they are unaware of certain notions (subjects, ways of learning), are disinterested in them, can't see the value of them, feel they are inappropriate (based on what criteria??) then guess what - we don't get to hear about them. If the Chef says the fish is off the menu tonight then its off. We place 'our' education in the hands of other people - and HOW GULLIBLE IS THAT!

OK, time for a break, we'll have a look at the list a bit later, maybe you've got stuff to add?... Sorry did I hear you say that the common thread seems to about people rather than things? OK I'll catch you later.

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