Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Is Ignorance Bliss? 2-On Organisational Learning

Encouraging learning as a means of improving organisational effectiveness seems a good idea if there are those that are willing to learn and change. However, we are still left with a problem when some people appear to have become skilful in the opposite of organisational learning – something that might be called ‘organisational ignorance’. By attempting to identify and explore what the characteristics of organisational ignorance might be, this post represents a collection of some general and personal reflections about how and why things seem to go well or not so well when we are at work. In that sense it is more a discussion about ‘observations processes of behaviour’ than specific ‘work techniques and methods’.

You might well be saying at this point ‘so what!’, 'how can your stories and observations help me in my situation?' I would say in reply that this post is a contribution to a ‘community of interest’ (in which it is assumed you and I are concerned about the effectiveness of organisations and people) consequently this post offers an opportunity changing our management awareness and practice by:

Dialogue – understanding ‘through’ the exchange of points of view

Abduction – noticing things that are common or similar in situations whose detail is very different in order to make generalisations, and applying these generalisations to new and alternative situations in helpful ways.

Critical Reflection – considering not just ‘what’ and ‘what not’ to do at work, but also ‘how and how not’ and ‘why and why not’

By reading this blog you can create a moment of reflection that allows you to consider it’s relevance to your personal circumstances. In short a ‘Thinking Point’.

The ‘at work’ resource base that I draw upon is predominately associated with senior management positions in the leisure industry and more specifically the design and sale of electronic games and entertainment either as ‘pay to play’ out of home gambling and amusement or ‘off the retail shelf’ home computer and console games.

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