Friday, 18 January 2008

Heathrow Crash Landing. The Case for being Gullible

I bet Captain Peter Burkill, the hero of the recent Heathrow crash landing has become a founder member of the Naive Inductivist Society.

Being Gullible is a key criticism of so called 'naive inductivists These are people that believe that if something has happened many times in the past it will always do so in future.

The argument runs that faith in the Law of Aerodynamics is misplaced as just because a plane stayed in the air every time in the past, there is no guarantee that it will in future.

The apparent 'folly' of this line of reasoning was demonstrated by Bertrand Russel who told the tale of the Xmas turkey who felt safe in the knowledge of being fed every morning from January, such that every day in future he would be fed as usual...that was until Xmas morning!

Lucky for Captain Burkill that the Law of Aerodynamics continued to operate as normal...unlike his engines!

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