Monday, 7 January 2008

I'm Back

Well, I never actually told anyone I was going anywhere, so it seems a bit daft to announce my return.

Anyhow the Xmas break is over now and I've got my ears off my new i-pod...what a neat bit of kit. I reckon my Inside Track blog is going to suffer as I become a poacher turned game keeper.

And is there anything 'gullible-worthy' in the news today - YOU BET...the British Army has recieved a ticking off for 'gulling' new recruits with 'less than fully rounded claims' about what is involved when you join up...take a look at this Ex Soldier Calls for HONEST recruitment

I remember The Big Yin singing about the army being all 'Sunshine and Skis' in one of his satirical songs.

In a classic observation, the investigatory body explains that the Army isn't able to deliver on it's promise of 'giving you a great time', and that they prey on the gullibility of youngsters who can't discrminate between the computer games they play and the brutal and unforgiving realities of warfare. Quelle suprise! (One for the Foreign Legion mes amis)

Now am I being cynical when I corrleate the 'gung-ho' attitude of gangs of young males hanging about our town centres and their complete inability to grasp the life changing implications of maiming and death and the disconnect between a recruitment advert and reality?

'Military' service does exactly what it says on the tin... originating in 1460, from M.Fr. militaire, from L. militaris "of soldiers or war," - Job? = War Fighting strange that, no mention of skiing at all!


  1. This reminds me of the movie Private Benjiman. With glorious promises of luxery condos and such.

    And, no you are not being cynical. As the mother-in-law of a soldier who is over there. I can tell you that there is nothing glamorous at all about war.

    And, I can also tell you that there are a great many of our men and women who are as sick and tired of being over there as we here in America are sick and tired of this whole da*n mess.

  2. hey Robinson where are you? I am back and I miss you!!:)