Wednesday, 26 December 2007

And so...the sales are upon us. The ritualised duping of millions of people, not necessarily by the sales themselves but as part of the pre-Xmas/ post-Xmas gullibility system as a whole. The Sales won't work without the pre-Xmas hype.

On the run-in we are subjected to the full raft of advertising techniques carefully designed to appeal to our core needs of food, happiness, safety, belonging and nooky. We are then given a fabricated deadline...the 25th December...miss this and you are simply uncaring, irresponsible, lacking in Xmas cheer, miserable, and mean. To avoid the stigma you will willingly pay the asking price of course.

Then we are then lured back into the shops by appealling to our sense of competition and advantage over others. On your marks, get set...sales!

To complete the trick, the money something costs us is conveniently presented to us a 'none money' - you know, 'this sofa is only five nine nine' and the discount of the decade is offered to you by the 'oh so generous retailers' as real money saving you an amazing 'three hundred pounds/ dollars'

What is astounding is that we are told that we can have these amazing discounts as 'savings'. No they aren't they are an invention! The price is the price regardless of the notional drop in price. You and I are buying products we need not 'savings'

Waky waky everybody!!


  1. Oh those marvellous sales! I've had a Christmas job in a shop that will be nameless. I was working on Christmas Eve until 7 at night. As soon as we closed the doors at 5, I was given a wad of stickers to mark down to 99p items that we had been selling five minutes previously at six and seven pounds. It just didn't seem sporting somehow.

    Do they think the customers are daft? That we have the memories of goldfish? I heard that this year people were giving gift vouchers to their families as presents, so that they can take advantage of the post-Christmas sales. I cannot say I blame them...

  2. I just never sould get into the after Christmas sales. How do I know what I want to buy this year for everyone next Christmas? They should run the sales before Christmas and then maybe at least America's retailers wouldn't be hurting so bad this year.

    I give a lot of gift vouchers as presents especially to my grandkids. Afterall, I am an old,old lady to them. How in the world do I know what to buy a fourteen year old boy?

    That's right Robinson...I am back from my nightmare trip and here to pester you once again!! Gee...what a story I could tell.

    Happy New year!!,

  3. Come back, come back wherever you're at! You have three awards to pick up, fella. #1 is here; #2 is here; and last but not least, #3 is here

    Congrats, big guy!
    Happy New Year to you!