Monday, 10 December 2007

Was I Gullible Expecting Macbook to Work With Netgear?

Two very important aspects for the avoidance of Gullibility have just been brought home to me through the experience of buying a Macbook.

What a great piece of kit, good looking etc, 'it just works' was the claim to fame.

Well it didn't...or rather 'we' didn't. Firstly I didn't do the required amount of due diligence (i.e. establish the facts)because the mac discussion boards are full of how Air Port doesn't hook up to the Netgear DG834G, and lots of lively discussion about fixes and tricks to make it happen too, some do some don't. Secondly I reached the limits of my ability and got involved in something (wireless networking) that was more complicated than I could handle.

OK I understand WEP keys and all that, but when you've done the obvious and it 'just doesn't work' your left thinking the apple logo should be a wallet with a bite taken out of it!

So time to tap up some tekkie friends, you know, the cyber equivalent of plumbers. They 'll come in, take a look at the system, take in a sharp breath through the teeth and say something like 'Which amateur did this for you?, they should have disconglomerated your WPA and WEP enablement in order to co-transfix the authority status on the security modulations'It's looking like a complete system review and perhaps dobbing in for an Airport router too. Anyone know if PCs work with it though?

It's looking like I might be contender for the Gullibility Canoe Award 2007!

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