Tuesday, 25 December 2007

'Tis The Season To Be Gullible

Happy Gullibleness Everyone!

So Christmas is actually a the mirror of a pagan new year festival, created by the Romans to woo people to the new christian religion. Happy Mithras Tide folks!, Santa should be dressed in green and white not Coke's red and white, and Retailers and Manufacturers have colluded in exploiting the power of social influence through public commitment by creating Nintendo DS scarcity to smooth out retail sales knowing I'll have to fulfill the promise I made in January now.

Not only that I've just seen zeitgeist.com to learn that the 3 Kings were the stars in Orions Belt!!


  1. But a Merry Christmas to you anyway ;)

  2. And a late happy Solstice to you rr!

    Mithras...it's got a lovely sound to it...sounds a bit Lord of the Ringsy and anything Lord of the Ringsy is all right by me!

    Now we've just got to get through Hogmanay and we can all get back to normal...

  3. The days are getting longer already - Hooray!