Saturday, 21 February 2009

Australian Woman Caught Playing With Fire

image credit The Crikey Files

What happens when self interest goes wrong?

I would really like to know how the Australian woman recently caught for conning funeral expenses out of the Australian government for a bogus relative rationalised her actions.

Some people seem to have a nose for situations where they are able to take advantage of others When most others are focussed on helping their fellows in trouble these types are thinking about ways they can maximise personal benefit from the circumstances. They are fixated with deception

Her actions are not 'mere theft'. When you take advantage of someone the psychological effects last way after the physical impacts have been erased from the landscape. Betrayal of others in the community should not be treated lightly.

Gullibility is the manipulation of the situation not necessarily a failing on the part of individals.

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  1. I believe the term you may be looking at with this information is a personality disorder. Apparently the woman has a criminal record and is shady with social mannerisms. And while I'm not a physician, my first thoughts on this is she definitely is high in antisocial behavior although it may not be the only diagnosis that will be considered once she's interviewed, examined and tested.

  2. I reckon your right Marty! She's got to have something going wrong somewhere. Sociopathic in every way. I understand that the really worrying thing about these people is that there's no real way of telling who they are because they look so 'normal'. Secure custody is the only answer. Nasty pieces of work.

  3. Most sociopaths are high functioning and you're correct in your assessment in that they appear normal and are well liked within their millieu. Handing them all the rope they want is a wise choice because sooner or later, they'll hang themselves. It's much better to let the Criminal Justice system make them a poster child.