Thursday, 26 February 2009

Should Sir Fred Goodwin Be Nominated For A Blighthood?

If we let Sir Fred Goodwin keep his pension then he should forfeit his knighthood. His stewardship of the biggest corporate loss in UK history is a national embarrassment and the decisions made on his watch have adversely affected millions of people. History will judge if he has taken advantage of people through his position.

A knighthood is a public privelage and the behaviour of Sir Fred Goodwin, whilst legally correct, publically undermines the status of the award and the social recognition and position it gives.

According to wikipedia a Knight should protect the weak, defenseless, helpless, and fight for the general welfare of all and were trained to practise courteous, honorable behaviour, These principles seem incompatible with what is being reported in the media. How does a society protect itself against people who appear determined to take advantage of power and privelage?

Sir Fred Goodwin is in a corner.
His business and commercial credibility looks fragile, his opportunities for future work look limited, his social status is tarnished. He has nothing to loose. Nothing to loose in a material sense that is. He will fight tooth and claw to keep the pension pot that will ensure his survival. If that is the case then society should speak. The status and public recognition that a knighhood gives should be wrested from his grasp and whilst Sir Fred Goodwin has not been convicted of a criminal offence, why shouldn't he join the list of people who have had their honours removed?

Roger Casement Spy who betrayed his country
Jack Lyons convicted of fraud in the 1980s.
Anthony Blunt Spy who betrayed his country
Terence Lewis charged of corruption and forgery
Albert Henry convicted of electoral fraud in the 1980s.
Nicolae Ceau┼čescu dictator
Robert Mugabe dictator and fiscal mis-manager

A knighthood in the British Honours System is awarded for public service. I wonder if we should introduce a Blighthood for public disgrace!

What do you think?

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  1. The problem is a lot of the people who have caused the current world financial crisis have walked away with huge ppay outs whilst ordinary people have lost everything

  2. This is the total endictment of SAVAGE CAPITALISM running amok, no boundaries, no laws, nothing.

    Capitalism prays on the vulnerability of the poor and the middle class, creating a playground for the corrupt rich.

    In a way , what happens is a rude awakening that can be for the good of humanity....the conviction of capitalism will hopefully give rise to a justice system.

  3. I work at the Earl of Strathmores glamis estate, the royal banks shareholders pay for fred the shred and his pals to shoot for £1000 per day times eight = £8000. for quite a few days each year probable cost £50000 one of the other guns is wiseman of the famous milk company whitch has asset striped scottish farmers for years, the word from the beating line is we dont want your likes back again