Sunday, 26 April 2009

Magistrate resigns in Twitter row

A magistrate has resigned from the bench following a complaint about his use of the Twitter network.The perils of being an early adopter. A clear case of gullibily believing that because you understand and feel comfortable with something then so does everyone else.This can be explained by what is called the Anchoring Heuristic which is where we assume that our view of the world is adopted almost everyone else too.

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  1. Like what i seen here, it was very interesting to see and visit all the great stuff on here, and would very much recommend this site to someone else also. Great Job...

  2. Do you think anyone really understands Twitter? I was an early adopter and it is still a mystery to me.

  3. I wondered what the point and fuss was until recently. I have started using and filtering by hashtags to track a particular theme e.g. swine flu, I've also explored Twhirl and Tweetdeck which makes following easier too. Twhirl is neat because I have an RR Twitter and a 'real me' Twitter account and I can track them at the same time. Twibes is good for belonging to a specific community too