Saturday, 11 April 2009

Will Captain Richard Phillips be Ransomed or Rescued?

Has the policy of paying ransom money to Somali pirates been an exercise in gullibility? or is Abdi Garad the Somali pirate commander the gullible one in thinking that he and his men are going to get way with it?

Unfortunately Captain Richard Phillips is caught between a rock and a hard place. A pawn in the power plays between the US Navy and the Somali swashbucklers. He may even have been a sprat to catch a mackerel? Who knows what conspiratorial reasoning lies behind the tale. There might, however, be a saving grace.The pirate threat that "This matter is likely to create disaster because it is taking too long and we are getting information that the Americans are planning rescue tricks like the French commandos did" might not arise because the Pirates are about collecting large sums of money and surviving to spend it, not dying in the process!.

If, God forbid, something does happen to Captain Phillips then the Pirates won't stand a chance of getting away with it. They'd be gullible to expect any other outcome.

So what do you reckon, ransom or rescue?

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