Friday, 6 November 2009

Fort Hood Shootings A Microcosm Of Global Complexity

The murderous acts of Major Nidal Malik Hasan at Ford Hood Texas say something about the globally connected and complicated world we live in.
Clearly he was unable to reach a balance between his cultural and religious orgiins and the duty he was obliged to perform as a member of the US military.

The accessibility to lethal fire power for people who have torn loyalties and commitments is self evident. But what if anything can be done to prevent it unless we degenerate into the tribalism from which such behaviour is spawned in the first place.

I imagine a flash solution will have passed through many people's minds. That solution will have been along the lines of some form of 'ethnic-psychological cleansing' that thinks that the solution to this problem is to only recruit people from particular backgrounds.

If the real war for in Iraq and Afghanistan is over a 'world view' then proceeding down this path means that the Taleban mindset has won. They have a tribal dogmatic mind-set and they want us to come down to their level to fight.

Whatever the shock and individual grief these sorts of acts create. We need to live together peacefully in a multi-cultural and vibrant world where difference is respected and dissimilarity is celebrated.

Becoming an homogenised conformative unimaginative and simplistic human being is an evolutionary cul-de sac.

Because "His death is not imminent," as Lt Gen Cone has said. He will be justly and tried and sentenced for this heinous crime as an individual who has broken the law not as somemone who represents a culture, a religion, or an ideology.

For more read this post The Psychology of Hasan: The Ft. Hood Shooter written by John M Grohol PsyD November 9, 2009

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