Saturday, 19 June 2010

Fly Wayne Rooney Home Immediately

Wayne Rooney is an overpaid, pugnacious and arrogant man who should be dropped from the England team and flown home. The fans who have paid thousands of pounds to be in South Africa are not there to blow smoke up his arse and fawn over his flawed celebrity. He is just a footballer who claims to be an elite performer and he should be judged by his actions not is ill conceived sense of celebrity status.

Wayne Rooney is gullible if he thinks that he is not answerable to the paying public. Where do your wages come from Wayne? He is also gullible if he thinks its the fans job to motivate him, when he is paid to inspire the fans.

The Game An Open Letter To Wayne Rooney


  1. you're an idiot

  2. Anonymous? This isn't Wayne Rooney is it? or perhaps his Mum?

  3. Fantastic! about the same control over the English language as Rooney had over the ball against Algeria