Sunday, 16 October 2011

Andrew Werritty To Be Probed By Fraud Squad

Well there is no smoke without fire I say. So no wonder that Andrew Werritty is likely to be probed by the fraud squad.

It is often the case that deception relies on a lack of forth-rightness and a deliberate generality of explanation. This is because people who deceive others instinctively know that ambiguity is a trump card.

Provide general information without further substantiation and allow your audience to fill in the gaps. Let others conclude what is meant by the phrase 'advisor to' etc. People who operate in this fashion are invariably self-serving. They also become addicted to their 'theory for social success'. Which relies on being 'economical' if not downright spartan with the facts. This strategy frequently works because most of us are quite gullible.

It will be interesting to see if Andrew Werritty's pride comes before a fall. His over confidence has already destroyed the career of a cabinet minister. One clue is for sure, anyone who sets up a charity to facilitate their personal finances rather than to support the needs of other people has to attract serious scrutiny. Actions betray the concepts upon which they are based.

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