Sunday, 9 October 2011

Footage Of Fox Back Scratching

When it comes to political back scratching there is a fine line to be trodden. Whilst Liam Fox might be comfortable with any investigation into his dealings with Adam Werritty it sort of misses the point doesn't it?

Regardless of the extent and sensitivity of information and situations that Adam Werritty was exposed to, the fact that he was involved in governmental affairs at all begs questions regardless. Aren't we talking about a senior minister's lack of judgement here? The concern is not whether allowing unofficial access to government departments was a good or bad idea. That's a no brainer. It's a bad idea. It seems to me that a gross failure of judgement has occurred because Liam Fox seemed incapable of  forecasting that his friend was a bit of a loose cannon more self interested than public interested. This means we have a senior government minister in charge of the security of British people who makes poor judgments. Not good.

Andrew Werritty's referal to himself as an 'advisor' on his business card is symptomatic of an underlying attitude and mode of behaviour. Liam Fox should have known his close friend well enough to recognize these traits. If Adam Werritty is capable of being vague about his remit on his business card then he probably has the habit of being vague about his intentions generally. People are vague for typically two reasons. They either lack knowledge and clarity of thinking or secondly they are being deceptive and evasive and have something to hide.

If Liam Fox has encouraged the access of Adam Werritty into the British defence establishment, then if we have case one - lack of knowledge and clarity of thinking, what on earth would someone who is inept doing there? or if it is case two, what are the true reasons for his access. In the world of gullibility hustlers provide vague explanations. They do this hoping that people will not critically probe past the facade.

Liam Fox is now promoting a face of being honest and transparent. Which is no doubt true. The problem is there is usually a depth behind the face, and that depth seems to have been lacking in this case.

Footage Adds Pressure To Fox

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