Friday, 4 July 2008

How About An Interdependence day?

Happy Independence Day to all our US readers!. Its amazing what can happen after a tea party isn't it! That's why I just drink coffee now.

Independence is a curious thing don't you think? It has to rely on some sense of 'sameness' and 'difference' that we hold, which begs the question at what level of analysis does 'independence' kick in.

It may surprise you to know that in 1945 The Vietnamese thought their position in relation to the French Empire was very similar to the Americans in 1776 (ironic that the first country to recognise the USA was France) and their declaration of independence was inspired by the American model.

In the final analysis we are all ultimately 'independent' of each other and Carl Jungs idea of individuation suggests that this is a prime driving force of every human being.

Curiously though, in today's globally connected world can any of us be truly independent? Maybe its a case of 'both and and' rather than 'either' - 'or'? Independent in the sense of 'free' to choose, 'free' to express, yet interdependent because 'not just anything goes' or 'one absolute way is right'. Everything we do as an independent human being affects the rest of the world. OK some effects may be a small as the flap of a butterflies wings, others are the cumulative effects of many individuals like global warming, and others still are the far reaching consequences of a single dramatic action (good or bad)

So...should we have an Interdependence Day too? Let me know! (Although its your right to choose of course)


  1. Very thought provoking post. Nations and individuals take great pride in their independence. But the truth is that people and states are highly Dependant on one another. They just don;t admit it. Thats why it is unlikely we will ever celebrate Planet Earth day or an equivalent. Shame.

  2. hey happy independence day to everyone.