Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Radovan Karadzic : Has A Chicken Come Home To Roost?

image credit - Evstafiev via Wikipedia

Depending on who you are it is likely that as you read this post you will exhibit a reaction that is explained by Social Judgement Theory which explains how we almost instantaneously decide if we agree or disagree with a view point or proposal.

You will either be very pleased that Karadzic has been arrested, or as The BBC describe as someone is not at all pleased and the reason why:

"Heavily armed special forces were deployed around the war crimes court in Belgrade - apparently fearing a backlash from nationalists who consider Mr Karadzic a hero"

Regardless of 'ego involvment' a common observation must concern the gullibility of Doctor of Psychiatry Mr Karadzic. This evidence for gullibility seems to show Mr Karadzic operating 'as if' he was immune to the historical pattern that runs something like - people who are allegedly involved with War Crimes tend to get caught in the long run.

Has A Chicken Come Home To Roost?

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