Sunday, 13 July 2008

How Gullible Is Jacqui Smith on Knife Crime?

Does Jacqui Smith sincerely believe that visiting an accident and emergency ward to shock knife carriers into greater awareness of the consequences of their actions will work? Ask yourself...does seeing a picture like this stop you from committing knife crime or is it something else? People who carry knives exist in a dogmatic 'short term' and 'narcissistic' mindset. The only reaction you will get from these types is 'yeah? so what?' The mind-set problem is much more profound and much more resilient to change than she thinks.

This is a typical 'managerialist' reaction to convey (dare I say socially influence the public) into perceiving some degree of pro activeness on the part of the government. Very often though pro activeness is re activeness in disguise (Bob Garratt)

The value Meme of these people needs addressing and as my previous post explained, we are dealing with the vMeme of 'The King of Cats'. These people will only understand 'consequences' for themselves, they cannot relate to consequences for others!

What do you think?

Howard League study of 15-17 year old males in London.
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  1. I carry a knife myself. So I'd like to dismiss the stereotype that all people who carry knives are criminally minded. Knives are tools, like pepper spray, like seatbelt cutters, like screwdrivers, like guns. They can all be used for good and evil and possessing one does not automatically mean that I have a "So what?" mindset.

    Knives have cut seatbelts, fended off bad guys, and cut clothing for defribrillation. Carrying a knife on you at all times is not a stupid thing to do at all provided you're following your states laws and regulation, and not doing anything stupid: In fact, it's smart.

    Otherwise, you are indeed correct. If anything, that picture re-affirms my need to be armed. If I'm approached by someone with a knife, boy do I hope I have my knife on me that day.

    And I will.

  2. Yes. You make some really good points here. I agree that it is the person not the object that creates the problem. The problem lies with the context. I'm sure everyone would agree with you that access to 'cutting blades' is common sensical for rescue and first aid. Does that mean you have to constantly carry the blade or merely have quick access to it? Taken to absurdity having no blades would mean meal times would be tricky! The issue is carrying a blade in every day social situations. The viscious circle you hint at is based on 'arms race mentality'. "They might have one so I will...and mind will be bigger and sharper."

    You also persume a maturity of outlook and personal control that many young people do not posess, and also draw a mistaken comparison between pepper spray and a knife. Their purpose I agree can be the same. The extent of the consequences of their use are potentuially very different.

    One solution to feeling the need to carry a knife might be to re-locate to a more socially benign neighboourhood.

    Ultimately of course there can be no protection against the maverick knife carrier, however the probablities of coming up against one can be significantly reduced by ensuring that a majority do not carry them in everyday social situations.

  3. As an outsider looking in at your country. The so-called 'land of the free', I am continuously gobsmacked by your entire countries mindset. You will (some would say have) destroy yourself from within. You are so hell bent on wanting to fight the outside world (the muslim world comes to mind)that you are not noticing the internal havoc that your antiquated weapons laws are encouraging.
    You live in a country that you think is worthy of enforcing on the rest of the world and yet you murder each other every day. Gee, some perfect world you got there.
    If you had such a great country, you'd be protecting it, not by allowing every nut bag to carry a knife or a gun bur by eliminating (as far as you can)these weapons. You won't be putting the power in the hands of criminals, you've already done that. But you may just prevent a few deaths. Maybe then your country might be taken seriously. As I stands it's a joke.

  4. Interesting perspective from the previous commenter. Nothing like a sweeping generalisation to start the day. I suppose being 'hell bent' on protecting your freedom to express yourself as you have just done isn't such a bad thing is it? I don't think 'every' nut carries a weapon do they? Most liberal democracies aren't 'free' anyhow because the of the philosophical point that as a member of a society you give up a degree of personal freedom to live 'as' a society. I am unclear what precisely your solution to the prevention and reduction of knife crime is? My country is not fighting the Muslim world it fights terrorists (some of whom claim the Islamic faith)I and my fellow countrymen unreservedly support the right of anyone to follow the spiritual path and ways that anyone chooses provided it doesn't endorse prosletising and harming others. I'm wondering have you ever been to this country and experienced it in the round? You might like Rousing English Music to get you in the mood for your visit?