Thursday, 21 August 2008

Americans! Are You In A State of Gullibility?

After analysing visitors from the USA to this blog, there are puzzling questions raised. Californians are the most frequent readers of Gullibility. Does this mean that they are the most concerned about being gullible? Might it mean they are most in tune with the tricks and technqiues of social influence and persuasion and therefore show a healthy interest in keeping abreast of instances of gullibility.

People from Rhode Island and South Dakota visit the least. Does this mean they are less concerned with gullibility? Could it mean that they are the most gullible in the USA or perhaps it means they are the most self confident and resilient to being duped and so don't need to read a blog like this?

Here are the visitor stats, what do you reckon is the story behind the numbers?

California 25.86%
New York 7.24%
Texas 5.71%
Florida 4.43%
Illinois 3.49%
Massachusetts 3.43%
Virginia 3.22%
Pennsylvania 3.14%
Georgia 2.95%
Ohio 2.90%
New Jersey 2.58%
Washington 2.17%
North Carolina 1.85%
Maryland 1.82%
Arizona 1.77%
Michigan 1.77%
Missouri 1.56%
Wisconsin 1.37%
Oregon 1.21%
Colorado 1.21%
Connecticut 1.18%
Indiana 1.10%
Kansas 1.02%
Alabama 0.94%
District of Columbia 0.89%
Tennessee 0.83%
Minnesota 0.83%
Kentucky 0.72%
South Carolina 0.70%
Oklahoma 0.64%
Nebraska 0.59%
Iowa 0.56%
Louisiana 0.56%
New Hampshire 0.51%
Hawaii 0.48%
Nevada 0.48%
Utah 0.38%
Alaska 0.35%
Vermont 0.32%
Mississippi 0.27%
New Mexico 0.24%
West Virginia 0.24%
Maine 0.24%
Delaware 0.24%
Idaho 0.24%
Arkansas 0.21%
Montana 0.19%
Wyoming 0.16%
North Dakota 0.11%
South Dakota 0.08%
Rhode Island 0.08%

1 comment:

  1. Well... obviously Californians are interested in gullibility because they have far more to be gullible about. ;)

    Cam Beck
    Dallas, TX.