Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lin Miaoke Not Quite Karaoke

So the truth is out! Lin Miaoke won Gold for Olympic
Lip Synch-ing

The runner up Yang Peiyi, lost out with lower marks for facial presentation, a rather harsh judgement that was justified on the basis of overall Team China success being more important than individual feelings.

Management writers Pine and Gilmore in their book Authenticity give us a useful way to map out whether we are being duped by organisations, by using a combination of fake and real permutations in a 2 by 2 fake'real matrix. Real-Real being truly authentic, as the person, product, or organisation is truly what it purports to be.

Lin Miaoke is Fake-Real - not what she purported to be, yet presented as the real opening ceremony singer.

Yang Peiyi was substituted because she was said to have flaws...!

The only flaw Lin Miaoke had of course was that she really couldn't sing!!!

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