Sunday, 19 October 2008

The Gluttony Of Bankers

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The gluttony of bankers becomes even more apparent as, despite their multi billion dollar rescues, we hear continuing stories of home repossession and business foreclosure. How dare they!

They ran squealing and squirming to the government to bail them out of the self indulgent mess they had got themselves into by calling on OUR MONEY to do it.

And now they think it is OK to take the homes away of the people that have helped them stay in business and generate fees for their bonuses. Would they give their bonuses back for selling the mortgage in the first place? People who work in banks should show some humility and respect to their customers. They should realise that a significant majority of people do not believe the PR they have created about themselves as 'upright, sober, professionals, deserving of respect in the community'

People who work at every level of banking need to realise that they are merely manipulative, deceitful, and self serving, and this goes right through to contact staff who were once cashiers and are now 'sales people'. They should all be ashamed of themselves and their so called 'profession'. They might even consider changing their jobs and do something that adds to the community and welfare of people.

What possible moral grounds do they have for repossessing homes and creating anxiety and misery in people's lives?

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