Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Sub Primate Debt Causes Eco Crunch

Can't pay your mortgage and you lose your house. Can't pay the planet we lose our home.

To emphasise the point the BBC reports today on The Eco Crunch that we are all heading for.

Just how gullible are we! In 1968 Kenneth Boulding wrote an article called 'The Economics of Spaceship Earth' (it can be found in Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy -H.Jarret (ed)

The gist of the article was to characterise two mindsets that can be adopted towards the use of the planet and its resources. One mindset the Cowboy mindset sees the planet as a huge exploitable resource, where you can take whatever you want and you can throw away what you don't need. The other mindset is that of the astronaut mindset who recognises the limitations of his/her resources and the importance and conserving and recycling.

See also Spaceship Earth

In the BBC article it is pointed out that the $1.2 trillion temporary stock value loss is dwarfed by he $4.5 trillion permanent loss of the worlds living and natural resources.

The 2008 financial crash was created by Sub Prime borrowing. The Eco Crash is created by Sub Primate borrowing - i.e. us!

"If our demands on the planet continue to increase at the same rate, by the mid-2030s we would need the equivalent of two planets to maintain our lifestyles," said WWF International director-general James Leape.

Yee Haw - gotta get me one of those spaceship things I'm heading off West pardner, or maybe North, even South, or East, there's a big universe out there boy!


  1. Here in the states, people who are losing their homes and jobs are going to also lose their voting rights, that is, if we Americans allow it to happen.

    RR, I hear that Costa Rica is the place to be! I'll meet up with you there, k?

  2. The Rich Coast! Good idea! With global warming more of us will be living next to the sea, so perhaps I could canoe there.