Tuesday, 9 December 2008

British Attempt to Re-Colonise America Rumbled

"Well Barack, only a few more days go and we're THIS far away from making the plan work"

The word is out the Obama family have been a British sleeper cell working for M16 as part of an audacious attempt to regain the USA as part of the British Empire.

Last minute legal attempts to deny Obama the Presidency have tried to throw a spanner in the works however the project still looks on course.

In a thinly veiled nod to the the pending coup, New York state is to be renamed Barackshire in homage to Berkshire home of Windsor Castle where allegedly his father was recruited to the cause by her majesty Queen Elizabeth over tea and crumpets. It is reported that the tea came from one of the crates rescued from Boston Bay being kept under lock and key in the Tower of London to be used for espionage recruitment purposes only.

In the deal America will be granted the same status as the Isle of Man, being allowed its own parliament and a preferential tax regime. Military command will however come under the Crown and a changing of the guard ceremony will be enacted at Disney World, along with opening of the Buckingham Palace Casino at Las Vegas.

In a financial deal the US will convert to £Pounds although UK pennies will become cents, which makes sense (sic) because of the switch to decimilisation. All distances will be measured in 'Klicks' to win over the hearts and minds of the military action film devouring red necks in both countries.

In a statement made by the British government they said "We are naturally delighted at this move, its been a long time coming, we can also lay to rest any Irish claims based on the O'bama argument"

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