Tuesday, 23 December 2008

To Kill A Mocking Bird Synchronicity

The passing of Robert Mulligan director of the film version of Harper Lee's book To Kill A Mocking Bird is spooky news.

Last night I was late night shopping in ASDA / Wal Mart in the UK and browsing books with my partner. Looking up and down the shelves we saw nothing, until I bent down to look at what I thought was an empty shelf.

It wasn't...on its own at the back, out of sight was a copy of To Kill A Mocking Bird.

It was recommended a few weeks ago by my brother as his favourite read, and it was one of the examination books I had at high school. I never read it and blagged the exam with cursory knowledge about Boo Radley et al from a revision text.

So I've never read it, my partner never bought it last night. Guess what she's going to get for Xmas :)

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