Friday, 27 March 2009

Global Lessons From The Financial Crisis

I had a interesting conversation with Sallemange today about the state of the world. You know, the sort of thing you do over coffee before you head off to work.

She was saying how much she admired the way in which President Obama was using social media to create the 'Internet Town Hall' and how he used it to explain the 'dead ends' that Either-Or thinking get us into. You know, the sort of thinking that say we either have to resource or reform the education system in order to change it, we can either use fossil fuels or we become dependent on foreign suppliers, or we have an uncontrolled and dynamic financial system or we have a controlled and inhibited one.

This is the uncreative thinking that doesn't seek out Both/And or Fuzzy solutions

Sallemange said Barack Obama was skilfully leading through explanation and education, and he was talking about was seeing all things as an interconnected and interdependent systems

With that in mind she went on to say that the Financial Crisis was a global lesson about consequences for systems way beyond the financial system itself. It was actually a metaphor for the way we think about the planet itself! What the financial crisis has shown us, she said, was we can all be dramatically affected by things we can't see and can't control. In the case of the planet though we can't wait for everyone to be 'hit in the wallet' before we take action to avoid catastrophe.

Its gullible not to think systemically.

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