Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Gullibility of Michele Bachmann

Don't you think it's weird that some politicians assume that the general public are just as gullible as they are? When you have the lethal combination of ignorance and power then no wonder The Huffington Post runs the story The Spectacular Gullibility Of Michele Bachmann Huffington's Jason Linkins shows just how dangerous a lack of critical thinking can be.

Clearly Michele is not a 'bad person' but being well intentioned doesn't mean that what you say and what you believe shouldn't be rigorously challenged. What we can say is that Michele Bachmann seems to be seriously Epistemologically Challenged This is state of mind where you believe things that aren't true and disbelieve things that are true.

If you know anyone else who is Epistemologically Challenged you need to get them checked out urgently. This condition is known by the professionals as Epistemologicalosis and is transmitted by the Epistemosis virus, a particularly nasty air wave borne virus that attacks your memes.

Recently educators have become less convinced that I.Q. gives a clear indication of a persons true intellectual capability. Tests are being conducted now using the new E.C. rating that gives a much more realistic indication of an individuals gullbility. The rating system works like this:

5 - complete and utter sceptic - medical term = Diogenitis

4 - quite sceptical - medical term = Socratitis

3 - your'e kidding! aren't you? medical term = Scullyitis

2 - quite gullible - medical term = Jacksonitis

1 - completly gullible - medical term = Bachmannitis

What do you think?

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