Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Did Dead Girl Really Meet Man On Internet?

It pays not to believe everything you read in the newspapers, on line, or blogs. It also pays to develop the skill of cutting past the attention grabbing headline too.

Are headlines such as this latest one from the BBC,
Dead girl 'met man on internet' indicative of poor journalism or poor science teaching?

Anybody who seriously thinks that a dead girl met a man on the interent must be pretty gullible.

This isn't the reason why Facebook are offering virtual memorials is it? Do they have some sort of Sixth Sense for where the blogosphere is going next? The latest social media application -'chatting with dead people'

1 comment:

  1. Yet another reason why Facebook is a piece of work and why I won't use it now or in the future. All social networks have questionable people and one has to know the glaring indicators that scream, Warning Will Robinson, danger ahead!

    Do a search for: scams, scammers, emotional vampires, narcissists, narcissism and you'll find plenty of information that will make your toes curl at what you'll read regarding real life and internet life.

    Psst! If you wouldn't want it in your real life, don't mess around with it online. You'd be surprised how easily it is to find personal addresses and quickly. Don't set yourself up. Use your search engines! That's their function and purpose.