Friday, 30 October 2009

Scared To Death of Doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award

The latest recipients of the Duke of Edinburgh Award are seen here dancing for joy after gaining their award.

When interviewed, candidates said they were originally attracted to the scheme following the comments of HRH Prince Edward who explained that one of the benefits of the award was the allure of death.

The Prince who has allegedly taken a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification said that it was important that the benefits rather than the features of the award were conveyed to prospective participants. He also said that he read in one of the texts for his module that fear sells and so he was putting the latest marketing thinking into practice.

Because a crucial factor with the Duke of Edinburgh award was customer lifetime value he went to say and that in relation to participants being killed it was not necessarily good for business. "Obviously we don't want that to happen. Certainly that's not the intention: we give them the skills to go out there and do it safely and constructively. It was just that psychology, about what makes young people tick,"

So, it seems that if you have a necrophilious character
then the Duke of Edinburgh award might be worth considering.

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