Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Royal Mail Strike Stamps On Customer Service

The threatened Royal Mail Strikes planned for this October, reveals a self interested streak in the strikers.

The threat of strike is a tactic that is past its sell by date, and fails to take account of the competitive position of the Royal Mail. How gullible is that. The point is we don't need them. There are plenty of alternatives. We all use e-mail such as hot mail of goggle mail, and we can get our parcels delivered by several other providers. The strikes that could affect UK mail might win some short term benefit for the workers, but that is all. The strike action will ultimately undermine the brand.

Mail services depend on a reputation for reliability. They have to be service we can trust. If the Royal Mail is unreliable we will try more reliable alternatives.

The Communication Workers Union is sealing the envelope of the Royal Mail's future. It will be the work force that will become unstuck in the long run. As for demanding that the long term business plan be revealed how daft is that! Further evidence that the CWU have no idea what business they are in and the fact that that business is competitive.

Their case has as many perforations as a sheet of stamps.

The UK Mail Market

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