Friday, 23 April 2010

Bloggers Break Free From Traditional Media Manipulation and Bias

The UK Election debates have proved unequivocally how biased UK Big Media is in their reporting. Their blatant misrepresentation of reality in a naive attempt to dupe the British public into believing something else happened in the televised leaders debates shows just how out of touch they are with modern media and communciations. Look at any overseas reporting of the debates and they confirm that Nick Clegg did well, look at the narrative that Sky and the Daily Mail would have you believe and you'd think Cameron had produced a rhetorical triumph of Aristotelean proportions.

The British public are not stupid. They do not uncritically digest the pap that comes from the keyboards of so called 'professional' journalists. Furthermore once they realise that they are being misled they will kcik back. The electorate can think for themselves and social media platforms allow the true consensus to emerge into the light. The patronising attitude of Big Media is out of touch with reality and the voice of ordinary people. The man in the street saw Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown do well and and saw a David Cameron grasp and gasp as he put across half baked polemical ideas targetted at getting a 'hurrah' from his fellow 'henries'.

Twitter reaches more people than Sky and more people participate too. Facebook is a popular forum that represents topics from the ground up. All of these places are the new hustings, the space of community. We don't need someone else to make sense of our worlds for us Mr Murdoch we are quite savvy enough to do it for ourselves. If your reporting in this is biased why on earth should we believe anything else your organisation says?

The British electorate have emerged into the sunlight. They don't have to comment in huddles down the pub they can express themselves as they wish via social media. David Cameron did NOT do well on last night's television debate he looked all sea, he looked concerned and desperate, he is out of touch and lives in the past with his media backers.

Objective reporting? See Google Election Trends for the real buzz.

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