Thursday, 22 April 2010

Is Nick Clegg Really Being Heard?

I've just been trawling Google Trends, Google Search and Technorati for the buzz about Nick Clegg's electoral challenge and there isn't any!

Whilst our news programmes and papers are full of the Clegg effect the blogosphere is remarkably quiet. So just how important is the UK election to the rest of the world? Not alot it seems. Or perhaps its a little early.

Maybe it will get a bit more feisty after tonight's gunfight at the OK Corall. Ego's have been pricked and so pulling Nick down a peg or two is bound to be part of the game plan. The mud slinging has started of course. It has to be asked whether this is a feint or a full on assault. I think the former.

If Nick gets drawn into defending his position he might just slip back to third place. As we know from the 'X' factor and 'Dorothy' you can sing a song well one week and singing for your right to stay in the game the next.

Conservative Americans were worried about Nick Clegg about 17 hours ago from the time of writing this post according to Technorati. Google Buzz seems to be a bit more up to the minute and Twitter is on the pulse too.

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