Saturday, 17 April 2010

Iceland Volcano Creates A Clear Blue Sky

This morning I took the dog for a walk and for a while I couldn't quite put my finger on what was different. Then it dawned upon me. Totally clear blue sky. Not just clear of clouds but clear of vapour trails. I was looking at the sky as it must have been 100 years ago. This has had a profound impact on me. No noise. The air is completely free of even high level distant aircraft noise and I never realised just how pervasive the noise has been. Today is a beautiful day. We have Eyjafjallajoekull the Icelandic Volcano to thank for this. Now of course modern living means use of jet aircraft but what this brings home to me is just how polluting the current design solutions are. Today is a beautiful day.


  1. They always lie to us...

  2. sunlight is just as important as air & water but they are hell bent on blocking it out.
    It is true we get better weather when the planes are grounded, we should be demanding some answers.