Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Earth Attacked by The Vuittons

Its official Earth has been attacked
by a race of aliens from another world!

Contrary to the expectations of most scientists The Vuittons as they are known are not a race of superior intelligence capable of transforming human kind for the better.

Appearing on the re-formatted TV quiz show The Weakest Blingk the female leaders of this fascinating species showed how their philosophy of 'acquire material benefit without effort' has taken their kind from the depths of anonymity and frugality to wealth and prominenence.

In order to study the species further BBC scientists carefully designed an experiment to uncover exactly how smart The Vuittons really are. They concluded that an invasion posed little threat due to a suprising lack of detailed local Earth knowledge.

Chief Scientist Anne Robinson has recommended that people, and especially those aged between 13 and 22 and a half are innoculated against celebophilia. Robinson commented:

"Whilst posing no immediate danger to life as whole there is a small risk of damage to the fabric of society. This occurs when a delusional fixation on unattainable wealth and status occurs." going on to say:

"The Vuittons have evolved in very special circumstances in which luck and timing have played a significant part. Assuming that their world view has general relevance here on Earth is misleading and can in the most serious of cases lead to an addictive sense of persistent under achievement, failure that results in crime to feed the habit"

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