Thursday, 15 May 2008

Girl Crime and Gull Power

As a society we must be pretty gullible if we can't think through the factors that influencing young females to indulge in crime and violence. Dr Ann Hagel makes the stunning (sic) insight that "it's most likely to do with the way people spend their time

Now if I understand this correctly, adolescent females are indulging in crime and violence because that's how they spend their time????

As a description of what they 'do' that may be a triumphant truism, but how do they form their attitudes? There is a Void and it isn't just between the ears of the 'sugar and spice and all things nice' sisterhood.

Once again we have impressionable young minds having that Void filled with what might called a Post Madam (should that be little madam?)philosophy - an "I can do as I please WIV attitude"

These girls are Proud To Be Fick, and they are gulled by celebrity messages that say to get on in life you have to 'go for it' & 'take no crap'. What they aren't told is that often involves sacrificing dignity, compassion, and social responsibility.

Rock on Sisters - Gull Power!!

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