Thursday, 1 May 2008

Mad As A Box Of Frogs

Does a blog have to be of benefit to anybody or can you write utter Gobbledegookand people will flock to your blog like there's no tomorrow.

How do we actually make judgements about what is nonsense and what is prefectly reasonable to believe? Judging by the amount of stuff we read everyday how do we decide what we'll run with and what we won't?

Just check how many things you've been told today that are pure speculation and that you have no hope at all of proving without fail that it is true.

It's clear that the outer vandibscuular crotex is getting ifilclalifronted with some of the greater Tharg-like underwaftings of pleasant neo-pulcritude.Bananas I hear you chutter as the crease of lintelment reaches sideways. Breftlug spoke in a damp murkmur and swaded over the larksfin. I knew exactly at that moment this reeving barlmashing would graft a meeningly sweet jutter.

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