Monday, 5 May 2008

The McCanns? It'll Never Happen to Me!

A key aspect of Gullibility is not taking personal responsibility for the events that affect us. So which pieces of the Portugal, Young Children, Holiday, Hotel, Left On Their Own, 'jigsaw' did these Non Parents or NOPES as I'll call them fail to put together? (Non Operational Parents who are Excessively Self-centered. Conveniently rhymes with Dope too)

Like some 21st Century Hogarthian subject matter these parents have shown a side of irresponsibility that seems to pervade certain aspects of British society. Only yesterday School Headteachers were making the point that a significant number of parents push the responsibility for their children onto others. Now I'm sure we can all come up with a raft of 'social pressures' that the NOPES have to deal with bless them, demanding jobs, worries about money, excessive temptations placed before them by Big Media, breakdown of the nuclear familiy etc.

Perhaps we should describe a new family phenomenon and call it the Unclear Family! The sort of family where the parents have no idea what their role and responsibilities are, where they are incapable of making the difference between themselves and alcohol guzzling independent 18-30 holiday teens, and who chase a fantasy of existing in a pan-eseque Never Land where they never have to grow up!


  1. Not to mention that if the family were poor and a minority, they wouldn't be in the news at all.

    (found you via blogrush...)

  2. Thanks for the comment Michael, yes I agree with you - thanks for letting me know it was Blogrush too - I was wondering if anyone read it!

  3. The mccans where so lacking in responsability to thier kids it beggers belief my granddaughter is now the age that maddy was when she went missing we dont let her out of our sight let alone go out for a meal and leave her alone It was criminal what they did and the only victim is little maddy if she was taken for a rich family shes better of stayimg with them they probably take real good care of her