Saturday, 15 November 2008

George Osborne's Selfish Genes

image credit Chris Doidge

UK Shadow Chancellor George Osborne is performing double loop gullibility at the moment. Does he seriously think (sic) that the public really believe his outburst about that the value of Sterling is genuine and informed concern for the economy?

Everyone must realise that it is not borne out of altruistic concern for the country. It is a shout from his selfish genes as they struggle to ensure the survival of his political derriere. This is not statesmanlike. It is behaviour that is more reminiscent of poorly run businesses where the managers are more concerned with internal and personal affairs than the real issues.

What chance would the country have if his 'sixth form' approach to politics was ever given the chance to 'do it for real'...we need politicians not management trainees running the country.

His second count of gullibility is making his half baked thoughts public. Doesn't he realise that as a member of parliament holding a notable position in her majesty's opposition that what he says might have adverse impact on the country? Poor judgement George...I think you need some time off to take the strain away...Have you considered a nice cruise?

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