Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Yes You Have!

The American people have made history. Watching from the UK the US election was a fascinating process to witness. For nations around the world that don't have it this is democracy in action.

Much of course will now be written about President elect Obama. Nevertheless his campaign adversary Senator John McCain should not be written out of the story. Putting political leanings to one side, his story is as much the example of democracy in action as Barack Obama. His effort and dignity in loss deserves the greatest respect.

And that is really the point. This was a political debate not some tribal mob war. Everyone involved had the welfare of the USA at heart and I'm sure the esteem of the USA will grow immeasurably around the world.

The expectations have been set very high. I sincerely hope that the American people are not gullible in their belief that every hope will be met to everyone's satisfaction in an instant and that becomes a reason not to have high hopes in the first place and a cause to criticise.

Congratulations America.Your fathers brought forth on the continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.You have shown that you now have a government of the people, by the people, for the people...and not just the people of the USA.


  1. Thank you, RR. That was very nice of you to say. I just hope that the rest of the world will like us again someday.


  2. I am pretty confident that a majority of people in the world like America. The difficulty has been with recent leadership. What the people of the USA have shown is that they understand the interdependency of the 21st century world and that great things can be achieved from the bottom up. Now THAT is world leadership! Just watch what you guys will do for the world now. Great effort USA hats off to you!

  3. Many thanks, RR.

    With two wars abroad, a global economic crisis and myriad other issues, Obama, as many others said, will know neither prosperity nor peace as he enters office. Obama is the first president to be in such a precarious position since Franklin Roosevelt. The challenges will require superhuman effort, as the Times' Peter Baker wrote, and the new president-elect will face more obstacles than even he may know.

    This is a "we thing" and boy oh boy do we ever have a humungous mess on our hands. We'll git 'er done, RR. We can and we will.