Monday, 3 November 2008

Sarah Palin Into Insignificance

Just how gullible Senator John McCain was in choosing Sarah Palin will become clear in the next 48 hours.

It was certainly an astute move to gain attention, and like all half baked social influence attempts it only addressed one aspect of the Persuasive Task.

Having gained attention with this Barbie-seque periphery 'cue', Senator McCain ensured that potential voters were then switched into 'central processing' mode which meant that their attention to logic and argument was engaged as they began to pay full attention to the political substance behind the puffery engineered by Sarah Palin's celebrity image consultants.

Sarah relied heavily on her 'palindrones', simple little phrases that looked the same backwards as well as forwards. Not a shade of grey or complexity amongst them and the natural position of the Crisis and Tame problem manager. Through these lenses every problem is simple and so is the solution that goes with it. Not exactly the appropriate outlook for a leader of powerful nation in globally interdependent world.

It seems however that the American people are much much smarter than her anti-intellectual expectations, and that she won't be getting the 'X' factor in the polling booths.

Sarah Palin - Has (been) Nail (in political coffin) Its a (w)Rap


  1. The woman is an absolute disgrace to womanhood, RR. She has absolutely no idea what she is doing. She has become quite the political whore and sold not inexpensively but cheaply. I am ashamed for her obvious lack of knowledge regarding the constitution and what it represents, moreover, she has disgraced the women's liberation movement. She's nothing but a pawn to McCain's inane political con job.

    I can forgive McCain because after all, he's of the male gender. He's just a stupid egocentric boy who will do anything to get his way-albeit the wrong way. As a female, Palin should be able to see right through his antics yet, does she? I think she does, moreover, I believe that she's stroking his ego in order to get the whole pie instead of just a portion.

    A word of caution, RR. I'll be flying to England to live with you and yours if the two get into the white house. Then again, I may convince you and yours to take up residency with me in Costa Rica.

  2. Check out Sarah Palin Into Insignificance (cartoon) by Mental Health: