Friday, 21 November 2008

Like Twain The USA Is Unlikley to Wane

Any management student will tell you that Scenarios are designed to be provocative documents that explore a variety of potential outcomes.

So anybody wringing their hands expecting the USA to wane is being rather gullible. Not only that how can any of us know whether the assessment has any credence. For all we know it might merely be a deceptive move on the part of the intelligence agencies to lull their opponents into a false state of security.

It might even be a leak to inspire others to action, or as part of a persuasive landscaping initiative to prepare people's minds for additional military and security spending.

Imagine...if the document was something an antique salesman was trying to get you to buy, wouldn't you demand more provenance? You can read the full report on the link via the BBC website.

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