Friday, 5 June 2009

The Difference Between Statesmanship and 'Politicks'

So what's your theory for becoming a successful politician? A glance at the front pages of two UK newspapers shows the difference.Here we have the Politickal version.

Guardian Friday 4 6 2009

Career politicians who devote their energy on managing the system to their personal advantage.A world of introverted personal powerplays that resembles the social posturing of a celebrity reality TV show. Political survivors and professional duckers and divers who focus attention on their aspirations, and gaming the system.

And here we have the Statesmanlike version.

Independent 4 6 2009

Someone who is intellectually capable of grasping the big picture. Someone who is on the pulse of globally important issues that effect the lives of billions of people. Someone who wants to make a difference to others.

Britain is suffering from two politcial diseases. One the 'MBA'ing of politics, that defines success as someone who is characterised as a capable 'manager', someone who has sussed the political code, someone who can deploy basic methods of organisational management and the other the 'Celebification' of politics where British political process is understood as nothing more than reality TV freak show that requires a similar depth of attention and understanding to follow.

You'd be gullible if you mistook our politicians for leaders instead of mere executives. Cue Big Brother voice over..."James is sulking in the garden and Gordon is the kitchen sharpening some knives"

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