Monday, 1 June 2009

Taking Care of Susan

Reading the runes I'd say that the pressure on lovely and talented Susan Boyle to live up to expectations was self evident in her demenour on the Britain's Got Talent Final.

The news that she has been taken into clinic is yet another example of the use of language to imply that Susan is somehow 'mentally shaky'. This is unfair. Anyone who has had to Reframe the context of their life and their sense of identity knows that this is a challenging and often up-setting experience.

I would also not be suprised in the slightest if the Britain's Got Talent production took and executive decision to take some of the pressure off Susan by massaging the results. This of course is pure speculation, and it could have been a weird sort of 'care effect' by the voting public to refrain from voting to protect their heroine.

Thinking like this is also unfair to Diversity, who I thought were awesome on the night. I was one of the first people to Stumble their Youtube on April 26th 2009. So its very likely that Diversity won outright fair and square.

This just goes to show how the mind works in lots of different situations. Are we gullible in thinking that rocketing to international fame wouldn't cause Susan to need a massive re-think about what is happening to her? Are we gullible in thinking that the type of super hype pressure cooker that is Britains Got Talent won't turn grown men and kids to tears? Are we gullible in thinking that we don't 'fill in the gaps' and create conspiracy theories the instant we only have partial information.

Susan Boyle deserves every ounce of success.
She deserves some well earned rest, and she deserves to be taken care of not only by the entertainment industry but by the the Media and the public. Other wise every single one of us deserve to be accused of taking advantage of another human being.

How appropriate that she does a cover of the Rolling Stones Wild Horses. She's certainly riding them!

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